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Animal Symphony 2 DVD

Director: Eytan Schwartz. 
Producer: Reut Heifetz. 
Editor: Dor Yovel. 
Cinematography: Asaf Lupo, Amikam Shiloh, and Gil Somech. 
Children: Maayan and Yonathan Elbaz, Alon and Gal Grossman, Netzer Heifetz, and Ori, Maya and Raphael Porag.

Length: About 25 minutes.

Copyright: Eytan Schwartz. Copying, borrowing, public playing or broadcasting without permission are illegal.

“Animal Symphony 2” is a magical introduction to the masterpieces of Classical Music. Famous tunes of the greatest composers are set against beautiful images of animals. “Animal Symphony 2” was filmed at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, and in other locations around Israel. A delight for children and parents alike!

The compositions featured in “Animal Symphony 2”:

  • Beethoven – Für Elis

  • Vivaldi – The Four Seasons

  • Bach – Suite for Orchestra in B Minor

  • Mozart – Serenade in Ge major, K.V.525

  • Tchaikovsky – The Nutcracker

  • Bizet – Carmen

  • Chopin – Walkz in D Flat major

  • Tavel – Bolero

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